Quiver optioned for film

Another bit of good news for Quiver: Magnet Films has optioned the novel for film! Very exciting.

Quiver: available as an audio book soon

Audible (www.audible.com) has purchased the audio rights to Quiver! I’m not sure of the exactly when it will be available on the site, but I’ll post here when I know an exact date. I’m very excited to have the novel available in audio format for audiences. Thanks to Pegasus and Samantha Haywood for arranging things with Audible.

New Writers Photos

A bit of an overdue post (!) but here are a few of photos from the Surrey New Writers Festival back in March – thank you to everyone who participated in the sessions and everyone who attended. You can find more photos in my post on the Surrey English Programme blog.

New Writers Festival Launch Party

Festival Launch Party

Poetry and Publishing panel

Agent's and Publicist's Corner panel

Surrey New Writers Festival

I’m organizing the first annual Surrey New Writers Festival – it’s happening this coming weekend (March 15 and 16) and there’s a bevy of exciting events, performances, and parties to attend! The schedule, artist bios, and more information are on the Festival site.

All the events are open to the public – Friday’s events take place on the University of Surrey Stag Hill campus, and Saturday’s events will be held in Guildford (at Abbot’s Hospital and 3 Pigeons pub).

University of Surrey, National Poetry Day, Morag Morris

A bit of news – I’ve finished my fellowship at the University of Chichester a bit early in order to take up a faculty position in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey. I’m very excited to join the department! Classes began this week, and the campus is buzzing with back-to-school energy and events.

October 4th is National Poetry Day in the UK , and U of  Surrey is holding it’s annual Morag Morris Poetry Lecture today. This year, Bernard O’Donoghue will give a talk titled ‘Yeats: Early and Late.’  Guildford School of Acting students (the School is part of the University of Surrey) will also give readings. The public is welcome to attend – the event will be held on campus in the Griffiths Lecture Theatre, 6-7pm, £5, £2 students.

Saskatchewan Arts Board window!

On my recent visit to Saskatchewan, I had the opportunity to stop by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and see the fabulous window treatment they’ve given the cover of Quiver. Thanks to Sabrina Cataldo, the Arts Board, and to Deron Staffen for taking this photo. If you’re in Regina, you can check out the Arts Board’s window displays (they have other covers and photos of Saskatchewan artists in the windows) at 1355 Broad Street.

Saskatchewan Arts Board office, Regina, SK


Ace Stories Reading – July 1

I’m excited to be a part of the Ace Stories July 1 event in Brighton. It’s a special edition of Ace Stories – they’re partnering with the Southbank Centre and Speaking Volumes “Poetry Parnassus on Tour” to present Greek poet and translator Katerina Iliopoulou. I’m one of the supporting readers, and for the first time in a long time, I’ll be taking a break from fiction and will read only poems.



This past weekend I went to a lovely art show here in Brighton – a gAllery23 event. Founded in Brixton in 2009 by Bart Harris, the gAllery23 events encourage attendees to bring and exhibit a piece of visual art of their own creation. This special gAllery23 took place in Brighton and featured a performance by Unicorn Lazers (Bart Harris, Chris Stevens, Dominic Stevens) on Brighton Beach.

Unicorn Lazers: Harris, Stevens, and Stevens

Frontman Chris Stevens said the band got their name from their friend Rob, an advertising exec, who claimed that everyone would be interested in a band with the name Unicorn Lazers. “We’re working on our debut album,” says Stevens, “it’s called Rainbow Ponies.”

The trio have been together for a couple of years; Chris was recently abroad for a number of months but has now returned to England and the Lazers are busy playing around the UK. In the meantime, bassist Bart Harris has been involved with other projects like his band The Dumbartons’. After the U.L. set, Harris picked up a guitar and performed a beautiful rendition of The Dumbarton’s “Joanna” much to the crowd’s delight.

Here’s a snippet of the Unicorn Lazers playing “Amsterdam.”  My camera doesn’t record well in the dark, so you can’t actually see anything here except for the lights of the pier in the distance, but the music comes through decently.


And for the finale, the Lazers were joined onstage by a few musical friends. A lovely Brighton evening!


A reading in the Cloisters

I’m pleased to be reading this afternoon at the University of Chichester, in the Cloisters, Bishop Otter Campus, at 5:15pm! I’ll be reading with Binu Karunakaran and Karen McCarthy Woolf.

University of Chichester, Cloisters

Books, Fashion, The Bull Calf Review

If you like novels and fashion, check out the pictures from the recent Book Lover’s Ball Novel-Inspired Fashion Show. It’s a glitzy spectacle!

Also, thanks to The Bull Calf, a scholarly journal based at McGill, for running a review of Quiver in their latest issue. I think it’s the first academic review I’ve received. I’ve been fortunate to have a number of reviewers engage really thoughtfully with the novel, and I really appreciate the different perspectives applied to the work. Even though I have an academic background, and that background informed Quiver, it would be a challenge for me to anaylize the novel from a scholarly  viewpoint, at least right now – perhaps the world of that story is still a bit too close to me to write about it academically  - but it’s really interesting to see someone else approach it in that manner.